How would you describe Kenna outside of her impulses?
I think, unfortunately, that is sort of it. She is a byproduct of her circumstances and I think she is just very selfish. There is obviously a group dynamic, but Kenna’s very much out for her own personal gain. Not by way of political standing or financial, she’s a lady so she comes from a high standing family. She’s just a very hedonistic individual. - Caitlin Stasey (x)
"It’s interesting that you say that he’s not good or bad. Ward was putting his life on the line for a cause that he thought was worthy, and that’s what we do, as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. That’s something that’s going to be brought into question. It’s a great concept because as soon as you’re able to protect someone, you’re able to hurt somebody, at the same time. Those are the questions and conundrums that Coulson now has to deal with, being Director. He doesn’t get to be like, ‘Well, we’re not asking questions because it’s come from above.’ He has to decide those ethical questions now."
Elizabeth Henstridge after Brett Dalton’s answer to a question about Ward (via jemmadanvers)


Me: *Freaks out over the season premieres of all my TV shows*

Mom: What are you freaking out about?

Me: *Whispers* It has begun. 

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